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Although this double C shape may resemble a certain French designer, this ring actually pre-dates 1910, when said brand was founded. This 9ct gold pearl ring actually dates back to the Victorian era. 


The perfect gift for someone who has a personal connection with the letter C, perhaps it is their own initial, or the initial of someone they love, especially given that pearls are known to represent love and innocence.


One could also argue that the shapes aren't the letter C at all, but are in fact two horseshoes on their sides.


Whatever resonates with the wearer, is exactly how it should be percieved, that's the beauty of antiques and art.




  • Size O
  • Band width at back 2mm
  • Setting measures 7.5x10mm


Note: Box and props in photo are not included with the purchase, but it will, of course, arrive beautifully presented in luxury packaging!

Victorian pearl double C ring

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