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A unique pair of mismatched earrings, handmade from a selection of beautiful vintage elements. The studs are 9ct gold, the other metal parts are rolled gold. The stones featured are pearls and garnets, and the larger drop on one side is an aquamarine, and on the other is a Victorian drop with opals and garnets. I love the delicate nature of the gold elements in these, and the colours of the stones just sit together so beautifully. Aquamarine is associated with courage and the release of fear and anxiety; Garnets are the stone of passionate devotion, towards friends, family, self and purpose in life; Opals are strongly associated with love and passion, and promote sponteneity and imagination; and Pearls are the ultimate symbol for wisdom, and valued for their calming effect.




  • Wider earring drop length 5.2cm
  • Wider earring  width 2.5cm
  • Wider earring depth .7cm


  • Narrow earring drop length 4.0cm
  • Narrow earring width 1.8cm
  • Narrow earring depth 0.7cm

Mismatched earrings with opals, garnet and aquamarine

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