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The Victorians were big on detail and sentiment, and this piece is a prime example. The locket itself is gold gilt, heavily engraved, with a row of six turquoise cabochons placed diagonally across the centre on the front. The back is no less beautiful, and features a flower design.  It opens and closes well, with a nice secure 'click', and the inside is empty.


The chain dates to around 1910, is unmarked and appears to be either gilt or brass - it is a good match for the locket, and features alternate bar and chain sections. A really lovely piece.




  • Locket 24mm long (not including top loop) x 20mm wide
  • Chain 64cm total length
  • Lower edge of locket sits approx 29cm from shoulder line when worn


S O N A - c o l e c t e d . c u r a t e d . c r e a t e d

Victorian gilt locket necklace with turquoise cabochons

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