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Cut steel is one of my favourite elements - it is no longer produced, and so already has a rare and historical quality. But what I love most is that it has such a beautiful, understated sparkle, so it feels at once precious and casual. I can almost see in my mind the jeweller making each piece by hand with such care, creating these glistening pieces which I love to preserve - and to wear!

This necklace features a cut steel swallow in flight, dating to Victorian times, hanging from a vintage sterling silver faceted chain, then a section of creamy vintage faux pearls, and at the back, a sterling silver belcher chain. It does not have an opening - it's long enough to simply slip on over your head.

Swallows were a motif used often in Victorian jewellery - swallows were believed to lead ships home when they approached land, so signified a safe return home.




  • Bird length 3.7cm
  • Bird width 3.5cm
  • Bird depth 1.5mm
  • Total chain length 75.6cm

Victorian cut steel swallow on mixed silver chain with faux pearls

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