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Cut Steel is one of my favourite old-world materials - especially when paired with gold. This butterfly dates to early 'romantic' Victorian times, around 1840, when natural history was a fascination amongst people from all walks of life. The butterfly symbolises the soul, and the metamorphosis of the butterfly represented the phases of human growth, and their travel through life. This one began life as a brooch, and I have left the pin in place (this can be removed if required), however it's new phase of life is as a pendant, attached to an Edwardian gilt chain, which has a lovely rich patina and feels smooth against the skin.

A very special, wearable piece of history, perfectly in place in our modern age.




Length 2.8cm

Width 4.8cm

Depth 0.5cm

Total chain length 45.6cm

Victorian cut steel butterfly on vintage rolled gold chain

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