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This sterling silver Victorian coral necklace with mixed chains and seed pearls adds a pop of colour to any outfit.


I love the mix of chain styles, to create something really unique.


Ancient Egyptians used coral pieces in tombs as protection against evil spirits in the afterworld, and has also been used in the early 20th century to help aid fertility. Commonly, coral is used as a symbol of modesty, wisdom, happiness and immortality.


Pearls are believed to signify innocence and faith. Many wear pearls as a talisman of personal integrity, truth, sincerity, and wisdom.


This necklace will serve as a reminder of your personal power every time you wear it.




  • Height of pendant including flower stalk: 3cm
  • Width of pendant at widest point 2.6cm
  • Total length 57.5cm

Victorian coral necklace

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