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Sterling silver sixpence coins from 1851 and 1855, featuring Queen Victoria in her early years as Queen, are turned into dangling earrings for everyday. The coins are linked to sterling silver studs with a silver metal chain. Fun facts - Queen Victoria became Queen when she was just 18, and was the first Royal to ride a train.


Victoria was undoubtedly the greatest influence of her time, and what she loved, her country loved. What Victoria loved was Albert, sentiment and jewellery, in that order, and so jewellery was romantic and plentiful during her reign.


S  O  N  A  -  c  o  l  l  e  c  t  e  d  .  c  u  r  a  t  e  d  .  c  r  e  a  t  e  d 

Queen Victoria coin earrings

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