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A refined beauty, this Edwardian horseshoe in 9ct gold (stamped on the back) features 7 inset seed pearls. In its old life as a stick pin, it would have been worn on the lapel of a jacket, but now it has a new lease of life as a ring. The ring band is also 9ct gold, in an inverted D shape, so the outside is quite squared-off to sit back with the horseshoe, but the inside is curved, so very comfortable to wear.


Horseshoes were used often in Victorian and Edwardian jewellery, and were thought to bring on good fortune, success, prosperity, karma and well wishes to its owner.
S O N A - c o l l e c t e d . c u r a t e d . c r e a t e d

Edwardian gold and pearl Horseshoe ring

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