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A one of a kind, statement necklace featuring a celluloid / resin (?) disc circa 1900, in true Art Nouveau style with cut steel embellishments. The disc had a previous life as one half of a buckle, and features crescent moons and faceted domes, along with swirls and engraved sections - it's very ornate, yet has a clean, modern simplicity about it also. It's bold, but also feminine, where Art Nouveau meets Art Deco.


The chain is one half sterling silver (a variegated curb chain), and one half silver plated with a T-bar and Albert clip. Both are vintage, dated to between 1920 and 1960. The total length of the necklace, from back neck and including the pendant, is 41cm. The pendant is a round with a diameter of 7cm.


A slice of history, given a new lease of life!


S O N A - c o l l e c t e d . c u r a t e d . c r e a t e d

Art Nouveau pendant on silver fob chain

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