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This one of a kind ring has been converted from an Art Deco stick pin, and joined with an octagonal shaped vintage ring. Both are in sterling silver. The centre of the setting is a silver dome measuring approx 4.5mm across, surrounded by a star halo. These all rest in a silver shallow cup, which has a diameter of approx 9mm . This is surrounded by 8 tiny silver baubles.


Celestial designs involving stars were very popular in the early part of the 20th Century, with the star symbolising hope and wonder - they are thought to provide guidance, motivation, encouragement and good wishes to the receiver.


The ring is a size Q.5 - R, and the band measures approx 2mm deep.


S O N A - c o l l e c t e d . c u r a t e d . c r e a t e d

Art Deco sterling silver star ring

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