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This is one of those pieces that is so quaint and unusual, that finding it totally makes my day! A lovely little matchbox from the 1920s, made in wood and card, with a lacquered top featuring a cherub, lazing in a field of flowers.


The box has traces of gold paint around the edges where the gilding / paint has worn thin, and features 4 little draws for matches, which are opened by a ribbon pull, and the striking paper to the side of each.


It has seen alot of use, but is in lovely condition, after 100 years! I think this would make the perfect unusual ring box, as the draws are a good size to hold a few rings each, and also perfect for a proposal 😉 


A really unique piece.




  • 7.2cm x 7.2cm x 1.8cm


Each little draw measures 4cm x 2.4cm x 8mm


S  O  N  A  -  c  o  l  l  e  c  t  e  d  .  c  u  r  a  t  e  d  .  c  r  e  a  t  e  d 

Antique Cherub matchbox / ringbox

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